MobilCut 260-New

Aqueous Metal Working Fluid

Mobilcut is the trademark for Mobil Industrial lubricants line of high performance water miscible metalworking fluids. All Mobilcut products are free of chlorinated and  formaldehyde release agents (FAD).

Mobilcut 260-New is a high performance fluid that readily emulsifies in water to form a stable milky emulsion. The product is design for a wide range of water qualities especially for harder waters and it has good resistance to foaming for softer water, even in high pressure systems.

Although containing only very little amount of stabilizers, it is extremely tolerant against dirt and contamination and therefore offers extended coolant life relative to conventional soluble oils while easy to care and maintain. Mobilcut 260-New is free of boron.

It offers an outstanding and sustainable corrosion protection and very good wetting and detergency properties. Its base oil selection together with EP additives and lubricity agents offers a high degree of machining performance and very high output quality for alumunium and its alloys.

Mobilcut 260-New is proved to have no particular dermatological relevance.


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Features and Benefits

Mobilcut 260-New water miscible cutting fluid is designed to help increase the productivity of modern machine shops by providing high performance features.


Advantages and Potential Benefits

Suitable for a variety of materials including Aluminium and Copper Alloys and Aluminium.

No stain on finished pieces

Wide range of machining applications

Potential to consolidate products and reduce inventories

High degree of corrosion protection

Reduces machine maintenance and rework of materials

Extremely tolerant against dirt and contaminations

Ease of use and maintenance, less risk for unpleasant odors, longer fluid life



Mobilcut 260-New especially enhances performance when machining aluminum and aluminum alloys and where low staining potential is important on sensitive components.

Mobilcut 260-New is suitable for the machining of steel and copper alloys as well. During the machining of copper alloys, the color of the emulsion might turn into green however there will be no staining on work pieces.

Minimum concentration should be 6%. On difficult applications or materials the concentration can be increased up to 8-12%.

Water hardness ideally should range from 15° dH up to 25°dH. On the run the emulsion is stable with a water hardness up to 60°dH. Fluid type is milky emulsion. Mineral oil content is typically 45%. Its refractometer factor is 1.0.


Recommended concentrations for typical operations:


Low alloy steels - milling, turning: 6-9%

Carbon alloy steels, difficult machining: 8-12%

Aluminum, Aluminium machining: 8-12%


Properties and Specifications


Appearance, AA.Lab.101

Yellowish, slightly hazy

Appearance, 5.0% in 20 deg dH Water, AA.Lab.101


Kinematic Viscosity @ 20 C, mm2/s, ASTM D7042


Density 15 C, kg/m3, DIN EN ISO12185


pH-Value 5.0% in 20 deg dH Water, DIN 51369



Health and safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @