Gas compressors

Gas compressors

Oil problems and gas solubility issues often result in less than satisfactory equipment performance. With our products and expertise by your side, we can help keep your operation running and avoid problems with wear, sealing, increased maintenance and frequent oil changes.

Lubricants for gas compressors

Explore below for specific product details and recommendations for your gas compressors.
  • Oil drum

    Mobil Glygoyle™ ISO VG Series

    PAG oils specifically designed to outperform mineral and PAO synthetic lubricants in hydrocarbon gas compression applications

  • Oil drum

    Mobil Glygoyle™ 11, 22, and 30​

    PAG based products for reciprocating and rotary natural gas compressors, as well compressors for CO2 and other process gases

  • Oil drum

    Mobil™ Gas Compressor Oil

    PAG oil intended for use in gas compressors where the crankcases & bearings operate in a gas filled atmosphere (hydrocarbon,chemical gases)

  • Oil drum

    Mobil SHC™ 626, 627, 629, 630

    For oil flooded rotary screw compressors for natural gas, field gas gathering, CO2 & other process gases in the natural gas industry

  • Oil drum

    Mobil SHC™ Elite 150, 220

    Mobil SHC Elite 150,220 -suitable for oil flooded rotary screw compressors compressing natural gas, field gas gathering, CO2 & process gases

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Technical and useful resources

Find technical solutions, service expertise and quick tips for all your gas compressors.
*Actual benefits can vary depending upon the type of equipment used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used. Extended life and energy efficiency is based on normal use of the product, as described in the technical instructions from ExxonMobil.