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Mobil SHC™ synthetic lubricants

Maintaining the quality of your equipment is essential for your business. Synthetic lubricants can help extend equipment life, create less waste and increases energy savings, all the while helping to increase worker safety by reducing potentially hazardous maintenance.

Mobil SHC™ synthetic lubricants help boost productivity and better protect your equipment - particularly when they are operating under severe conditions such as loads and pressures, frequent starts and stops, wide operating temperature ranges, and contamination. Other advantages of Mobil SHC synthetic lubricants include; high-temperature capability, excellent resistance to oxidation, low-temperature flow properties, protection against wear.

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  • Oil drum

    Mobil SHC™ 600 Series

    Synthetic gear and bearing lubricant. Designed for use in hot and cold conditions. High shear stability. Energy saving potential

  • Oil drum

    Mobil Pegasus™ 1

    High-performance gas engine oil providing today’s high output, low-emission four-cycle gas engines with the highest levels of protection.

  • Oil drum

    Mobil SHC™ Gear Series

    Supreme gear oils designed to provide optimum equipment protection and oil life even under extreme conditions. Energy saving potential.

  • Oil drum

    Mobil SHC Cibus™ Series

    Mobil SHC Cibus 68 and 100 could be used in vacuum pump applications where NSF H1, FDA 21CFR 178.3570 are required (food & beverage) of water.

  • Oil drum

    Mobil SHC™ 500 Series

    Synthetic antiwear hydraulic oil. High VI for excellent low and high temperature performance. High protection for vane and piston pumps.

  • Oil drum

    Mobil SHC™ XMP 320

    Advanced wind turbine gear oil formulated to provide excellent wear protection and deposit control for long gear and bearing life.

  • Oil drum

    Mobil Rarus SHC™ 1020 Series

    Offering anti-wear and corrosion protection: synthetic superior air compressor lubricant with exceptional water separating characteristics.

  • Oil drum

    Mobil SHC™ PM series

    Synthetic circulation oil providing excellent protection against rust, corrosion and wear, enhanced thermal and oxidation stability.

  • Oil drum

    Mobil Gargoyle Artic SHC™ 200 series

    PAO based lubricants for ammonia & carbon dioxide compressors providing excellent protection in low temperature applications. Long ODI.

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*Actual benefits can vary depending upon the type of equipment used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used. Extended life and energy efficiency is based on normal use of the product, as described in the technical instructions from ExxonMobil