Machining and assembly

Machining and assembly

From turning and milling to deep drilling and tapping, machining operations come with a range of intensive production demands. Any interruption in the machining process can prove costly to your business and impact the quality of the end product. Our comprehensive lubrication solutions can help you avoid inaccuracies and increase uptime.

Success stories and industry insights

Discover how Mobil™ lubrication solutions have helped customers achieve new heights in their Machining and assembly lines.
Plastic injection molding hydraulic oil analysis

Volkswagen AG enhance energy efficiency on plastic injection molding machines

Volkswagen AG maintenance personnel reported enhanced hydraulic system efficiency, generating a 3.7% energy savings on average, or approximately US $2,600 annually per machine with Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ 46

ExxonMobil solutions boost productivity for Machining Industry

Helping machine shops run like clockwork

Rely on the products, programs and expertise behind Mobil™ industrial lubricants to help your machinery produce more, better, faster, with more uptime and great efficiency.

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