Mobil Vactra™ Oil Series - premium quality slideway oils

The Mobil Vactra™ Oil Series are premium quality lubricants designed for machine tool slideway applications. The series are carefully formulated using advanced additive systems that provide controlled frictional properties even under low feed-rates and high loads, good separability from aqueous metal working fluids and long-term corrosion protection of parts and equipment.  The technology used in the Mobil Vactra Oil series is backed up by years of engineering innovation and is recognised by the many endorsements from machine tool builders from over the world.
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Hear from our customers

  • “The slideway oil I was using had poor demulsibility, which was resulting in high lubricant consumption. Switching to Mobil Vactra Oil Number 2 solved the issue and also delivered an overall saving in lubricant costs.”

    Customer in Italy

  • "I use a range of tools and machines from different builders in my plant. Fortunately, one lubricant is approved by the main equipment manufacturers, Mobil Vactra Oil Number 2. This helps ensure warehouse optimization and avoids potential top-up errors.“

    Customer in France

  • “I was experiencing compatibility problems with my sideway oils and metal working fluids, which required a weekly clean of oil reservoirs and circulating systems – there were also issues with bad smells. A changeover to Mobil Vactra Oil Number 2 solved these issues – it also cut maintenance downtime and enhanced productivity.”

    Customer in Germany

Mobil Vactra Oil Series

Performance hand-in-hand with precision

Smooth slideway operations are only possible with proper lubrication.
By choosing the wrong lubricant, you risk equipment interference which can also cause damage or other issues, such as bacteria growth, corrosion, or shortened coolant life.

You can keep your equipment performing at its peak with Mobil Vactra Oil.
Designed for smooth slideway operation, Mobil Vactra Oil allows for dynamic friction and smooth movement under heavy loads while also reducing stick slip.

Switch to Mobil Vactra Oil Series

Always refer to machine manuals for the final lubrication recommendation.

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