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Mobil Chat – User Guide

Technical support is at your fingertips

Introducing Mobil Chat, the revolutionary new tool that grants you quick and easy access to technical support. We’re leading the way in technology and intuitive customer support for the lubricants industry by enabling you to connect directly with our technical engineers in real-time. You can receive personalised human support from our experts to get the answers you need, when you need them. Mobil Chat also brings with it a range of other exciting features that help provide comprehensive support for you and your business.

What can it help with?

Your day can present a variety of challenges, and when you hit a roadblock, you need a quick solution to keep you moving forward. Mobil Chat, available on both mobile and desktop, is designed to offer the right support exactly when you need it.

A departure from automated responses and bot-driven support, Mobil Chat is an intuitive platform that connects you with our technical experts to deliver personalized guidance and solutions across different areas. This can range from product selection for different equipment, to understanding how to use products, to safety advice, and so much more.

We’re here to provide you with a level of service that goes beyond simply delivering the products that keep your equipment performing. Mobil Chat offers tailored support and access to in-depth expertise. Your key to making faster, better-informed decisions is within reach.

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Below are just a few areas where Mobil Chat can provide you with valuable information to support your business:
Product recommendation icon

Product recommendations for each application and sector

Product technical information icon

Product technical information and documentation

Alternative Products icon

Mobil alternative products to competitors’ products

Maintenance Recommendation icon

Recommendation on maintenance

Where to buy icon

Where to buy

Request a quote icon

Request a quote, get in touch with Sales

Product Replacement icon

Product replacement

Automated Translations

You can use Mobil Chat in your preferred language with ease. If your language is not supported by Mobil Chat, you can use our advanced translator tool. This lets you submit your query in your chosen language through the automatic translation feature. Our technical engineers’ responses are then translated back into your preferred language, providing quick support that lets you carry on with the rest of your day.

Cookie Settings

To use Mobil Chat, make sure you have accepted cookies on our website. Mobil Chat uses cookies to identify users and open the communication channel, along with conversation history, to provide you with better support. If you have previously declined cookies, simply go to the ‘Manage my cookies’ section in the footer at the bottom of this page and activate cookies. Once you’ve done this, choose ‘Save my choices’ to confirm. You will then be able to access Mobil Chat and receive live support from our technical engineers.

Rating & feedback

When you close a Mobil Chat session, you’ll be prompted to rate your experience and provide feedback. This pop-up allows you to share how you felt about the live chat tool and the support received from our technical engineers. Your feedback and suggestions for improvements will help shape the future of the Mobil Chat and further improve the experience.