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Refrigeration compressors

Changing environmental regulations have resulted in the increasing adoption of natural refrigerants, such as ammonia and carbon dioxide (CO2). This, in turn, has created a need for new lubricants specifically formulated to work with these options. – you can trust our range of products to help support your business and increase its efficiency*.

Lubricants for refrigeration compressors

Explore below for specific product details and recommendations for your refrigeration compressors.
  • Mobil Gargoyle Arctic SHC™ 200 Series

    Mobil Gargoyle Arctic SHC™ 200 series

    PAO based lubricants for ammonia & carbon dioxide compressors providing excellent protection in low temperature applications. Long ODI.

  • Mobil Gargoyle Arctic SHC™ NH 68

    Mobil Gargoyle Arctic SHC™ NH 68

    Synthetic compressor oil designed to lubricate ammonia refrigeration compressors demonstrating resistance to thermal/oxidation degradation.

  • Mobil SHC™ Gargoyle 80 POE

    Mobil SHC™ Gargoyle 80 POE

    Polyol ester refrigeration oil designed to lubricate compressors using carbon dioxide refrigerant (CO2, R-744) miscible applications.

  • Mobil Gargoyle Arctic™ 68 NH

    Mobil Gargoyle Arctic™ 68 NH

    Advanced mineral-based oil for ammonia compressors used in refrigeration systems offering step-out performance offering superior oil flow.

  • Mobil Gargoyle™ Arctic Series

    Mobil Gargoyle™ Arctic series

    Advanced naphthenic mineral oils primarily intended for use in refrigeration compressors offering good chemical stability properties.

  • Mobil EAL Arctic™ Series

    Mobil EAL Arctic™ series

    Polyol esters based oils designed for refrigeration compressors requiring HFC refrigerants, offering excellent evaporator cleanliness.

  • Mobil Zerice™ S Seires

    Mobil Zerice™ S series

    Alkyl benzenes based compressor lubricants designed for use in refrigeration compressors with hydrochlorofluorocarbon refrigerants

Technical and useful resources

Find technical solutions, service expertise and quick tips for all your refrigeration compressors.
Refrigeration lubricant selection guide

Refrigeration lubricant selection guide

Determine which lubricant is most suitable for your system, based on the type of refrigerant fluid, evaporator temperature and compressor type.

*Actual benefits can vary depending upon the type of equipment used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used. Extended life and energy efficiency is based on normal use of the product, as described in the technical instructions from ExxonMobil.