Biogas engine operator extends oil drain intervals and achieves annual savings of €9,500

Annual saving of

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A Romanian biogas engine operator was looking to improve the productivity of its two MWM TCG 2020 V12 gas engines, as well as extend drain intervals beyond 500 hours. The company approached authorised Mobil distributor Star Lubricants to investigate whether a change in lubricant could be the solution.

Following a joint site visit with ExxonMobil’s Field Engineering Services (FES) team, the company was advised to upgrade from Mobil Pegasus 605™ to Mobil Pegasus™ 605 Ultra 40. This high performance lubricant is specifically formulated for use in modern gas engines operating on landfill gas that contains contaminants such as hydrogen sulphides or siloxane.

Following a trial of the new product, the biogas operator achieved a 60% extension in oil drain intervals (beyond the builder recommended 800 hours). The FES team’s report attributed this increase to the lubricant’s superior oxidation stability and TBN and TAN control.

Examining changes in oil analysis data over time can help to safely increase ODIs, reduce maintenance and, in turn, improve safety. This can be achieved with ExxonMobil’s Mobil Lubricant Analysis, which allows operators to identify early warning signs to help take greater control over managing downtime and extending equipment life.

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