Lubrication recommendation

Lube Recommendations

This service provides expert guidance in selecting the proper lubricants for your equipment, which can help minimize costly maintenance and repairs while providing optimum protection to your assets.


Experienced ExxonMobil engineers assess your current lubricants and recommend, when required, more effective product choices to help maximize equipment reliability for optimum productivity.


To implement this service, we’ll work with you to ensure the proper selection of ExxonMobil lubricants in accordance with application, operating conditions, specifications, and where appropriate, Equipment Builder recommendation.

Safety, health and environment
The ExxonMobil team will:

  • Be attuned to the hazards of handling, storing and using petroleum products
  • Coordinate efforts through designated plant personnel
  • Strictly observe the site’s safety rules and ExxonMobil safety practices
  • Verify equipment electrical and mechanical lockout, proper tagging and potential explosion hazards
  • Provide recommendations to reduce the hazards of spill, leakage and fire
  • Provide product safety date for our lubricants
  • Be available to support safety training
Lube Recommendation infographic benefits