Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ 68 improves Energy Efficiency by 2.3% in Sumitomo Demag injection moulding machines*

Annual savings of over

€ 17,000
Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ savings
Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ 68 improves energy efficiency


A large plastics plant in Greece wanted the best lubrication solution for the facility’s 40 Sumitomo Demag injection moulding machines, to both improve productivity and also reduce the operating costs of the facility. Particularly as energy consumption in these machines is a significant expenditure.


ExxonMobil Field Engineer presented and recommended Mobil DTE™ 10 Excel 46 - the new generation of hydraulic oils, given its excellent hydraulic efficiency, clean performance with reduced system deposits and a good seal compatibility, with the potential to provide a long component life.


Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ series lubricants improved energy efficiency. The plant’s technical team made an energy efficiency by testing 2 DEMAG El-Exis SP 250 injection machines, operating with the same parameters, and comparing it to the competitor’s product. The result? Mobil DTE 10 Excel™ 68 improved energy efficiency by 2.3% in the DEMAG El-Exis SP 250 injection machine. For a facility with 40 injection machines, this corresponds to potential annual savings of over € 17,000.

* This proof of performance is based on the experience of a single customer. Actual results can vary depending upon the type of equipment used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used.

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