ExxonMobil helps Enagra Group save a predicted €250,000 over five years

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Enagra Group success story

German biogas engine operator, Enagra Group, was looking to improve the efficiency of its energy generation. The company approached ExxonMobil in the hope that a change in engine lubricant would contribute towards its business goals.

ExxonMobil’s engineers suggested a switch to Mobil Pegasus™ 605 Ultra 40, which is specifically designed for use in modern, high performance gas engines. It was also recommended that Enagra Group implement Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis to monitor the oil’s in-service performance.

Used oil analysis revealed the lubricant was not only providing outstanding wear protection, its formulation was also helping extend oil drain intervals from around 550 to more than 1,500 operating hours, reducing waste oil disposal by 5,500 liters.

Just one of the company’s five engines took part in the trial. If implemented across all five of the company’s gas engines, a total saving of more than €250,000 would be expected over a five-year period.

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