Mobilith SHC™ 220 - Premium Quality, Synthetic Red Grease

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Mobilith SHC 220 is a premium performance grease, designed to offer long-term protection for industrial bearings operating under heavy loads and extreme temperatures.

Based on synthetic base oils and a premium quality, structurally stable lithium complex thickener, Mobilith SHC 220, which is dyed red for easy identification, offers excellent low temperature pumpability and very low starting and running torque.

Find out which one of the Mobilith SHC viscosity grades is right for you

Mobilith SHC are recognized by top builders who recommend or endorse its use in their equipment.

Use our Mobil Product Selector tool to discover which Mobilith SHC viscosity grade is right for your equipment.

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Hear from our customers

  • Mobilith SHC 220 synthetic bearing grease helped this mining company improve operational efficiency by reducing lubricant consumption and preventing equipment failure.

    Mining Company, Brazil

  • This company was experiencing frequent bearing failures due to insufficient lubrication in its temper and skin pass bearings. After switching to a Mobilith SHC grease, the customer enjoyed a decrease in bearing failure by 94%.

    Steel Manufacturer, Turkey

  • This customer produces corrugated paper from waste materials. After re-building the dryer section, the customer filled the bearings with a Mobilith SHC product and re-greasing intervals were extended from 6 to 18 weeks which led to 58 man hours being saved by the maintenance team.

    Corrugated cardboard mill, The Netherlands

Mobilith SHC 220 – Red Premium Quality Synthetic Grease – What other grease do you need?

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    Heavy load capacity

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    Prolonged equipment protection

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    High temperature tolerance

How can synthetic oils deliver superior performance?

Equipment that provides improved fuel economy and energy efficiency can also subject lubricants to more extreme operating conditions.

You need oils that can keep up with your equipment demands and allow them to work at their best in all conditions.

Compared to mineral oils where unwanted components are removed from the base oil, synthetic oils are carefully designed to provide all the characteristics needed for improved performance.

Synthetic oil gives you harder working lubricants that allow for enhanced wear protection and fuel efficiency, optimal flow, and longer drain intervals.
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