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How to properly store oil drums indoors

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Industrial lubricant tips

Contaminants and extreme temperatures can affect the lifespan and performance of lubricants in storage. When storing oil drums inside, ensure they are held in clean, dry locations. Ideally, the facility should be air conditioned, maintaining constant temperatures.

When setting up an oil storage facility, consider the following tips to ensure that your oil store is both safe and functional:

  • The floor in the storage area should be level and oil resistant.
  • Install shelving that adequately protects all containers, and store drums on their sides.
  • The storage area should be well ventilated.
  • The storage location should not be subject to external contamination such as dust, excess humidity or water.
  • Ensure the oil store is not connected to any drain, sewer or water source.
  • Utilize an appropriate containment system for further protection.
  • Designate separate areas within the facility for new and in-use stock to assist in first in/first out lubrication management.
  • Ensure product labels are visible to prevent misapplication.
  • Display “No Smoking” and “Risk of Slippery Surface” signage to protect plant personnel.
  • Keep dispensing equipment in an easily accessible location to facilitate lubrication.
  • Install easy access for lubrication trolleys and forklift trucks.
  • The storage facility should have a lock for security.