Mobil DTE™ hydraulic oils

Mobil DTE™ premium hydraulic oils are designed to help minimize maintenance downtime to limit costs and boost productivity.  

On average, operators saved almost $40,000* in total costs by using Mobil DTE™ premium hydraulic oils.

Mobil DTE 20 Ultra

Through proven, keep-clean performance, Mobil DTE™ premium oils have earned more than 1,000 equipment builder approvals. Operators worldwide rely on Mobil DTE 10 Excel and Mobil DTE™ 20 series oils every day to help provide:

  • Long oil life even in high-pressure and high-output systems
  • Outstanding wear and corrosion protection
  • Enhanced equipment life and system reliability
  • Servo-valve cleanliness, through varnish and deposit control


Mobil DTE 10 Excel series oils also offer energy-efficiency benefits and improved performance in a wide range of temperatures.


* Savings based on extended oil drains, increased production/equipment uptime, energy efficiency or other tangible savings achieved by 147 customers, as compared to use of market general hydraulic oils.

Mobil DTE premium hydraulic oils