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Mobil DTE™ 800 Series​

Our Mobil DTE™ 800 Series turbine oils are designed to provide protection, reliable operation, and long oil life in steam turbines, gas turbines and combined-cycle gas turbines.

Because these turbine oils can be used in all turbine types, they provide the ultimate flexibility for operators.

Mobil DTE 800 Series turbine oils have been specially developed to protect turbines from:

  • Stress from extreme temperatures
  • Sludge and varnish deposits
  • Corrosion
  • Water contamination
  • Catalytic effect of system metals
  • arrows

    Extended oil-life formulation helps improve uptime by enabling extended oil drain internvals

  • gears

    Enhanced load-carrying capability provides outstanding protection to help reduce wear and extend component life

  • oil drop

    Excellent demulsibility, air release, and resistance to foaming

  • runtime

    Up to 20,350 hours of oil life with Mobil DTE 846

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